Gemma Collins
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Birthday 2 February 1981
Occupation Car salesperson
Status Dating Rami
Series 2 - current

Gemma Collins is a supporting character on The Only Way Is Essex.


Loud, confident car salesperson Gemma was introduced at the beginning of Series Two when Kirk Norcross was looking for a new car. Whilst test driving the car, Collins flirted with Norcross, but instead, ended up being set up on a date with his father Mick.

However, whilst Mick was talking to Collins, Playboy Model Chloe Sims came into the bar, and Mick ignored Collins to flirt with Simms instead.

Collins formed a friendship with Harry Derbridge and Amy Childs, and helped Childs find her new assistant, due to her work in sales. With Collins' help, Childs settled upon Paloma Curran as her new assistant.

Collins was next seen berating Kirk for having a new car that wasn't bought from her, showing that she still worked in the car sales industry.


Quotes Edit

  • "I'm Gemma Collins, I've earnt my divaship"
  • "What's the matter? you ill?"
  • "Take a good look at this. You ain't ever gonna get this candy"
  • "You did get a boner so I definitely know you're not gay"

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